I have been in and out of quite a few weird jobs/ assignments. One of them being a tour guide for a day for some delegates in NTU last year.

My task was to bring them to the Merlion Park, Sentosa and Vivo City. It’s a tough job handling all the adults as they were running all over the places, being a bitc* to the head counting part. But what was troubling me till today was being a stranger to Singapore.

I had a hard time identifying the building and all.  Wahahahaha!

So project #1 – Go ard SINGAPORE!!!!

To brew a nice cup of coffee,

you wld need the right water at right temp carefully added in to the right grinding powder at right pressure into the right cup within the right timing and executing the whole process with right attitude.

And all not thru the coffee machines.

That’s where all the fun come abt.

When I am older, I wld like to open up a coffeehouse with a soul.



I think I had enough of fun?

Or whatever it is.

Perhaps its just some random mood swings or im seriously sick of clubs and all that.

I got super irritated when Ram told me about clubbing on Sat or ladies night that I told him I got no more interest in this time wasting activity and is more interested in reading my book.

I am super drained out now with the lack of energy to get myself out of the office at such an hour. With my energy exhausted on panic mood for exceeding 30mins twice in a day, on frantic mood twice in a day and an awful mind compelling list of things to do after talking to doctor Jeff, I am wasting time blogging with my PC rather than picking my feet.

Cleaning of the autoclaved machines was the last highlight of today. It was horribly SHOCKING. For months, nobody has ever scrubbed the 2 small machines. It used to be a weekly thing or rather twice a month thing. The slime, the chaota, the agar and the watever is in there. OMG!

Win Or Lose


I asked the old man sth and made an analogy so he could understand it better….

And aft I completed the whole question, it took him just one second to say, “U LOSE!”


Bt it doesn’t matter anymore it seems.

I am good.

Hope u r too. With the day 1,2,3,4 and all that i cant comprehend or used to listen back in the days. Let’s face it! We ain’t the bird n gaint anymore.

Sat: Went to pet farm with the couple.

Saw puppies and puppies and PUPPIES AND DOGSSS!!

GAINT ONES!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! And i told Shuyan it was a cow.

Its nice to break away from the city and entering the farms. We had to walk and talk and WALK under the blistering sun on undulating grounds. And take in the different unique smell and barks of the kennels. And resist the temptation to grab the pups and stash them away into my bag. Or to touch them.

Went to watch “Nightmares on Elm Street”. Half the time I was laughing at shuyan for her animated reaction with the popcorn whenever the Freddy was about to strike. And one quarter of the time we were discussing about who’s going to die and what’s going to happen. Leaving that one quarter of me watching the show, waiting for Freddy to scare the audience that’s holding their breath.

Coincidentally, MET BURGER!! AHAHAHAHAAHA BURGERRRRRRR!! :) Gonna hang out with Burger and Laoda next saturday!

Fri: Jac and usual kickboxing. Bt i fell asleep in the office hence left 3 labs unlocked. T-T Sorry.

Thurs: MINT ICE CREAM FROM SOUTH!! Yitian and Joyce came to visit! Whoo Primary Colours! Nice to have them ard. Its like life seems to be beautiful and more promising with our chats over Mac’s. Cant wait to see them on WED!! =)

Wed: Met up with Boss and Cheesiong for dinner. Damn happy to knw that boss had a 18mth old daughter named JiaEn. Nice.

Got my offer package Ytd. Got my Matriculation Number from NTU and applied for hostel with BeeYong.

How nice it would be, if we could just head out, lay out the mats, lie down and read.

This is a confession.

I would very much, ‘d like to come up to ur face and shout at you.

I would very much slap you awake to banish all the torture u selfishly force on everyone who cared/s about you.

I would very much like to erase you off my memory.

To the zero response you had towards msg-es, emails, calls and even house visit, everyone hold on.

Why wun you realised that these people were the ones who treasure u?

U dun like the way they force their way into ur world, or the way they speak or the whatever. Then y nt u do something so that they wun do what u hate? Reverse Psychology. Get it?

Or these are just flies to you?

Are u enjoying all these or what?

I step out, I see these people as fools. Bt im one of the fools who were msging you and felt like being played ard ur fingers.

Tt’s it.

You don’t treat a friend like that.

This is my white flag for you.

Today i decided to step out. The first and only one that I seriously wun ever come into contact with anymore? Perhaps? Oh whatever. Females are fickle minded. So who knows.

I had spent my entire day, coming close to 24 hrs thinking and worrying and pulling a long face.

Yes, for those who are hanging on, good luck. Ur plans, ur intentions and ur kindness will be paid off i am sure.

Bt I wun join in the fun for now.

And rather, I would very much stay away for awhile until all these dust settled.



I shall not club for a month…

I shall begin my soul recharging…

Let’s get energized! YOHOO!

Wake up call


Someone please smack me awake!

I need to stop. Stop looking forward to weekends.

Stop generating “Play!”

Club, alcohol, vulgarities!! Kill me man!

Old Friend


Today is my off day. Today he booked out.

Few days ago we planned to meet for lunch on Fri.

With the tots of he will just forget our plan, i continued sleeping until i was disturbed at 9am.

He said he will msg me once he’s ready for lunch.

At 1, I decided to give up on the waiting and so I called him and told him im going to his place.

During the journey, i was wondering how this friend changed aft not hanging ard each other for 3 years. Did he become more matured? Or will he feel embarrassed to do things he had done in the past.

Finally infront of his place, he still did the same thing of locking me out of the house. Opening the door and close it back after laughing. -__-|||

He still thinks that im as blur as ever as he reminded me not to swallow the chewing gum he passed me while I was reading the article off the com.

While waiting for me to finish reading and feeling bored, he played GaGa’s song and started dancing beside me.

Finally after all the commotion we left the house and went for budget lunch at MAC.

While chatting, our conversation was interrupted several times by a mother and son. For he was obviously listening to them the whole time as he repeated the same thing to me after they left. -__-|||

Then he opened his mouth wide displaying his chewed food as we talked about double McSpicy. And then he dig his teeth with his finger!! -__-|||

I guess ppl dont really change alot!! 

Jun De stay like that for another 10 years pls! ^^